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12 December 2011:
Thank You for your custom during 2011

I hope you have a good Christmas and New Year, and that we will see you again in 2012

10 November 2011:
The New Look has been unveiled. Sleeker, (hopefully) faster, and with multi-media capability, the new website features much better navigation, a slightly different slant, and will hopefully be a lot easier to use than the old one.

6 April 2011:
Custom Orders for Sheaths and Leatherwork
- order book closed due to other work commitments...

22 July, 2010:
Pipe Making Blanks are now available in my Turning & Wood section

7 June, 2010:
Are you going to KnivesUK 2010 in Bristol? If so I will see you there...

1 June, 2010:
Due to the number of people asking: Yes - My Webshop is open as usual

11 May, 2010:
No further custom (leather and cutting) orders will be taken until after Jun 20th and my backlog is cleared.

9 Apr, 2010:
Query Response Page added to cater for hotmail's stupid filtering protocols

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About the photo:

That is not a strangely shaped orange - that is a rare Red Ibis - enjoying the sun and an almost-natural habitat in a bird park designed by my architect brother.

Welcome to my website

Navigate by using the links at the very top of each page or by the left menu within each section.   
I hope your stay is a pleasant one - there is plenty to look at.

The JbT Brand Squirrel Logo

In Lace Making you will find my (JbT) heirloom quality lace bobbins: East Mids,  Rosaline,  Bucks,  Wire Work,  Gimp,  Honiton and Collectables. In accessories you will find my Porcupine Series© of pincushions,  pin-pots,  pillow bowls  thread tidies and other accessories. Also there are the Old Art© and Rainbow Series© of bobbins and lace making patterns.

Beadwork contains beaded necklaces and other items made by Heather, and patterns for you to make your own.

The Turning, Woodcraft and Wood section has hand turned wood bowls, platters and plates,  1/12th scale and miniature items,  boxes, clocks and other pretty things  and spinners, cribbage pegs and other toys. View the latest addition to the JbT wood family - tobacco pipe making blanks, or look at my turned pyrography and carving blanks while you're there, buy some miniature and 1/12th scale turning blanks,  bobbin blanks,  pen blanks or lime carving blanks to try it yourself.

The Pen Making section will satisfy your needs if you are looking for hand turned pens or pen blanks. My exclusive JbT Pre-Cut Pen Blanks© come in three sizes: standard, fat and slimline. I also stock horn rollers and antler pen blank sections and am developing the JbT Woodart© range of laminated pen blanks. Full-length blanks are available as standard, fat or slimline.

My Stick Making section offers a comprehensive source of stick making supplies. Here you will find components such as handles,  hand turned shanks,  collars, handle pre-forms,  carving blanks,  walking stick kits and ready-to-go sticks. All made by me.

Look in Art for original ACEO or other format watercolour, acrylic or oil paintings by Jean Turner. Current projects and gallery show what I do.

I love Leather Work and offer knife sheaths,  knife sheath kits, and possibles and belt pouches.

My Knife Building Materials can now be found here as well as on In this section you will find Steel,  Liners,  Bolsters and Mosaic Pins.   My Scales come in thicknesses: Scales 0-8mm,  Scales 9-10mm,  Scales 11mm plus and Penknife Scales. In the Blocks section, you have the choice of Scandi Blocks,  General Blocks and Spacers & Firesteel Blocks. To assist the rest of your building process, I offer Horn,  Antler & Bone,  Leather,  Man-Made and Easy-Use handling materials and Knife Making Multi-Packs and Special Offers. Look after your tools using Storage (including Sheaths), Display and Care. Coming soon: Knife Kits   -  containing Jean-made blade, set of liners, scales, pins and lanyard tube.

In Bushcrafting I offer Kuksa and Spoon Carving blanks and tools, hand turned Bushcrafting Bowls, Plates, Cups, Whistles etc,   Fire Making hand and bow-drills, and my own design Belt and Possibles Pouches, and once you have provided Proof of Age, you will be able to purchase knives and carving tools from me in my Knives for Sale section.

I do still tie Fishing Flies for trout and grayling - as I make them I will list them here.