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Working with leather is one of my personal pleasures. It is very hard on the hands, wrists and elbows, so I don't do a lot of it, but what I do, I enjoy very much.

Leather Work
This section has knife sheaths, do-it-yourself knife sheath kits and for storing personal items, belt and possibles pouches. There are also other leather goods such as key cases, book covers and small braided items such as lanyards. For dressing large outdoor pets I make braided tack, and offer collars and braided leads for the smaller four-legged members of the family.


Here you will find my own hand made falconry hoods, an improved light-proof Slijpers design made of veg tan kip with genuine Goretex™ braces. Look in falconry equipment. for replacement braces, anklets, etc, and to prevent hood loss in the field, I offer falconry hood stores - these come in various sizes to suit the hoods I sell. Lastly, my hand turned falconry hood display stands will turn your special hoods into a beautiful display indoors.

Sorry - this category of products is not live at the moment.