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I don't have 'amazing artistic talent' and 'fantastic creative abilities'.
I will not 'shrivel up and die' if I stop turning, and the happiness in my heart does not depend on the 'output of my artistic personality'...

However, I do get ratty if I don't get to turn frequently, I feel very satisfied when I have made something I am happy with, and I love playing with wood and tools. It's fun. And well, yes - I do have the right surname, so that probably helps too. Enjoy! I did.

This section has bowls, platters and plates. You will also find smaller 1/12th scale and miniature items, nicely made (good for gifts) hand sized boxes and other pretty things and for big girls and boys who still enjoy games - spinners, cribbage pegs and other toys. For those looking for a special writing instrument I have hand turned pens, for lacemakers there are bobbins and other lace making things and finally, in walking sticks there are turned handles, shanks and collars,


New to wood: tobacco pipe making blanks for the pipe maker - professional quality wood at a fair price.
As well as selling top quality pen blanks to pen makers, I also provide wood in the shape of miniature and 1/12th scale turning blanks and bobbin blanks for other turners. For carvers and pyrographers I offer lime carving blanks for relief work and turned pyrography and carving blanks, and for cutlers (knife makers), I offer my top quality knife scales (this link goes to my other site -, and other knife building materials.