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Home Filing System

   written by Jean Turner

Home filing system - what is it and why it's needed?

When you are tired of shuffling the papers on your desk and you want to find a permanent solution - organize yourself a home filing system.

A home filing system can be anything which holds your personal or business filing in a way that efficiently suits you and the way that you deal with the paperwork in your life. A filing system does not have to be an expensive steel cabinet with hanging manila drawers, individually labeled and meticulously ordered. So long as you can use it efficiently, a filing system can be an old box which previously held a ream of paper for your printer, or it could be a plastic molded paper holding system available at your local stationary store. All that is needed is that it should hold the paperwork neatly and in an orderly fashion, in such a way that you are able to quickly find the document you need.

A filing system works by separating out into individual sections the various types of documents that need to be filed together. For example utility bills, car paperwork, credit card statements, birth certificates, club memberships, etc. The sections could be separated by placing a piece of cardboard between them, and the filing done by lifting the sections of paper out of the plastic container until you reach the part you need, lifting the separator and putting the newly added piece of paper down on top of the previous one. This will naturally organize the filing system in date order - with the oldest documents underneath the more recent ones. This system works, and it works well, however, there are systems available on the market which work a whole lot more easily.

Systems that separate your documents into sections vertically are much more efficient than systems that require shifting large sections of heavy paperwork to find what you are looking for. Vertical systems which make use of hangers take up more space in your filing drawer, however it is easy to remove one whole section at a time, allowing one to open it on the desk for sorting to locate the document you need to find. Other vertical storage systems include the old-time sliding drawer system where the sections are separated by a stiff board which is labeled according to the documents in the section.

Whatever system you use for your home filing, it needs to be efficient and easy to use. The process of doing your filing should be as easy as find the document you require.

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