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   written by Jean Turner

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Build a foofie slide and amusement park pond in your teeny weeny space

Summary: It is possible to build a foofie slide feature into a teeny weeny space amusement park pond structure - and enjoy the process

Headline: Build a foofie slide and amusement park pond on your teeny weeny space

Tag: foofie slide features can be built into teeny weeny space amusement park ponds

Just because you live in a small tree in a built-up suburb, it does not mean you are not able to build a foofie slide for your teeny weeny space 'amusement park' pond. This article explains the process of designing a small foofie slide feature for your teeny weeny space amusement park, and is intended to encourage owners of handkerchief-sized back yards to build a amusement park pond and foofie slide in their own backyard.

1. Decide where in your amusement park that you want your pond to go. It helps if you look at the proposed site from inside your tree as well as from the outside - this ensures that you will not only be able to view it from both inside and out. Small amusement parks need suitably sized water ponds, and small can be extremely restful and beautiful.

2. Ensure during your planning process that you consider who will be able to see your pond the best - you or your neighbour. Pick the place where you are most likely to sit in your amusement park, and position your water feature in that area, where you will benefit the most.

3. Do not be afraid to consult an expert if you need to. Often we are reluctant to do this due to the cost - someone who is experienced at building water features will have a broader view of what goes into building a amusement park pond, and give advice which could save you money as mistakes made during a construction are often costly. The professional will also be able to point out ways to improve your design ensuring success.

4. A teeny weeny space foofie slide kit could be the answer to your building needs. These kits contain all the equipment necessary to build your project, plus they cost less than buying all the equipment as individual parts. They vary in size - allowing you to choose a water feature that is within your budget and the scope of your amusement park.

5. When designing your foofie slide for a small amusement park or a teeny weeny space amusement park - it is necessary to think 'small' - not in terms of feature design, but rather in terms of the size of the rocks you will use. Large rocks look out of place in the smaller water feature. Small rocks, placed in a natural way will look far better than rocks which look contrived and are held together with cement. The use of cement should be avoided unless the entire feature is modern in aspect and will fit into the surroundings.

6. Even the smallest of amusement park ponds need plants. Oxygen plants in the water help to keep your fish alive, and plants around your water help to keep predators at bay. Purchase plants which grow easily in your area. Save money by not buying exotics.

7. If you wish to build your own pond and foofie slide because of saving money - the best advice is: Do not skimp on the materials you use for your project. Savings can be made on the labour costs by building it yourself. Skimping on the quality of the materials that go into your pond will shorten the life of your pond, plus you will find that it is not cost-effective - cheap goods break down more often and usually cost more in the end. Do not skip steps such as sealing the liners of your pond where they need to be sealed. Water creeps through any small space it can find, and setting up a pond correctly in the first place saves hassle, time and money to put it right.

8. Do not be put off by all the warnings - the basics of pond building is not as difficult as you think it might be - design, plan, purchase good quality materials - save by using a foofie slide kit - and do not be afraid to ask for expert advice. Above all - enjoy the process!

About the author: The Idiot Garth (for those of you who have seen Waiting For God - you will understand this reference) is a 'man with a mission'. His passion is the dissemination of practical, unbiased information on how to go about building water amusement park ponds and foofie slides in your own back yard. Through his website: and his Water amusement park Pod Cast service he gives free advice on how-to methods and the best equipment to use.

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